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Namesort descending Location Description
hook_render_block modules/blocks/blocks.module Example of hook_render_block
hook_save_advising_session includes/hook.api.php This hook allows modules to perform extra functions just after an advising session is saved by the system.
hook_save_advising_session_from_post includes/hook.api.php This hook allows modules to perform extra functions just after an advising session is saved by the system.
hook_status includes/hook.api.php Reports status information which each module is aware of, visible on admin/config/status.
hook_student_load includes/hook.api.php Allows modules to hook in after a new student object is created.
hook_submit includes/hook.api.php Handle submissions from the Form API
hook_theme_advise_course_row includes/hook.api.php This hook allows another module to alter the way a course row is drawn onto the advising screen.
hook_theme_advise_degree_header_row includes/hook.api.php This hook allows another module to alter the way a "degree header" row is drawn onto the advising screen.
hook_theme_advise_footnote includes/hook.api.php This function allowes the user to theme footnotes before they are draw onto the screen.
hook_theme_advise_group_select_row includes/hook.api.php Similar to hook_theme_advise_course_row. This lets the user theme the "select X hours..." row for a group.
hook_theme_pie_charts includes/hook.api.php Similar to other theme functions, this function will take an array which describes *all* the pie charts, and allow another module to act on them.
hook_translate includes/hook.api.php This function is called by the t() function, and gives modules a chance to intercept a string and change it. Meant primarily for translating to another language, but also good for simple replacements. Used by the Locale module.
hook_uninstall includes/hook.api.php This hook will be executed when a module is "uninstalled" in the system. Once a module is disabled, an "uninstall" link will appear.
hook_update includes/hook.api.php Handle needed database updates when user updates a module.
hook_user_login includes/hook.api.php Perform actions when the user logs in successfully.
hook_validate includes/hook.api.php Validates form submissions from the Form API
include_module includes/ This will find and include the module in question, calling it's hook_init() function if it has one.
include_module_install includes/ Find and include the module's .install file, if it exists. Returns TRUE or FALSE if it was able to find & include the file.
install_check_requirements ./install.php Check for missing requirements of the system.
install_display_db_form ./install.php Displays the form to let a user set up a new database
install_display_lang_selection ./install.php
install_display_requirements ./install.php Displays the requirements on screen for the user.
install_get_settings_file_template ./install.php Returns a template for a new settings file.
install_perform_install ./install.php Actually performs the installation of FlightPath
invoke_hook includes/ Invoke all module hooks for the supplied hook.
l includes/ This works like Drupal's l() function for creating links. Ex: l("Click here for course search!", "tools/course-search", "abc=xyz&hello=goodbye", array("class" => "my-class")); Do not…
menu_check_user_access includes/ Looks at the router item's details (from menu_get_item) and returns TRUE or FALSE if the user can access this item.
menu_convert_replacement_pattern includes/ Look for modules implementing hook_menu_handle_replacement_pattern, and apply to str.
menu_execute_page_request includes/
menu_get_item includes/ Figure out which menu_router path matches the supplied path and return it.
menu_get_items_beginning_with includes/ Return menu_items whose path begins with the menu_root. Ex: "tools" would return tools/fun and tools/here/there
menu_get_items_in_tab_family includes/
menu_get_menu_router_item_from_db includes/ Return array from menu_router for this item. *
menu_get_module_path includes/
menu_rebuild_cache includes/ Go through all installed modules and rebuild the menu_router table, based on each module's hook_menu function.
modules_implement_hook includes/ Return an array of enabled modules which implement the provided hook. Do not include the preceeding "_" on the hook name!
ppm includes/ Alias of pretty_print($var)
pretty_print includes/
search_user_can_search_for_some_advisees modules/student_search/student_search.module Basically, can the user see the "Advisees" tab at all? The answer is TRUE if they have any of the permissions that let them do so.
smtp_mail modules/smtp/smtp.module
smtp_menu modules/smtp/smtp.module
smtp_settings_form modules/smtp/smtp.module
st includes/ Provides translation functionality when database is not available.
stats_display_main modules/stats/stats.module Main menu screen for this module.
stats_download_csv_from_batch modules/stats/stats.module Lets the user download a CSV file from a completed batch.
stats_draw_catalog_year_pulldown modules/stats/stats.module Return the HTML for a pulldown containing the catalog years available for selection.
stats_draw_date_range_form modules/stats/stats.module Displays the HTML for the date range form used by several reports. $path is what is the form's ACTION sending to.
stats_draw_majors_pulldown modules/stats/stats.module Display a major selection pulldown, used by other reports.
stats_draw_student_cwid_form modules/stats/stats.module Draws a simple form for entering a student's CWID, used by other reports.
stats_get_log_count modules/stats/stats.module Used by the use_summary report. This function will simply return log counts for the specified parameters in the watchdog table.