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Name Locationsort descending Description
example_helper_init custom/modules/example_helper/example_helper.module Implementation of "hook_init".
example_helper_menu custom/modules/example_helper/example_helper.module Implementation of hook_menu
example_helper_display_hello_world_page custom/modules/example_helper/example_helper.module Display our Hello World page to the user.
hex2rgb inc/pchart/fp_pie_chart.php
db_fetch_array includes/
fp_get_system_settings includes/
fp_rebuild_modules_list includes/ Re-query the modules table and re-add to our global array.
variable_set includes/ Set a variable value, so we can retrieve it later on.
variable_get includes/ Get a variable from the database. We will first look in our GLOBALS array, to see that it hasn't already been retrieved this page load.
db_table_exists includes/ Returns TRUE if the table specified exists or not.
db_affected_rows includes/
db_num_rows includes/
db_fetch_object includes/
fp_get_degree_major_code includes/ Returns the major code for a given degree_id
db_query includes/
db_set_user_setting includes/
db_get_user_setting includes/ Return a specific setting's value, based on the var_name given.
db_get_user_settings includes/ Return the array from the user_settings table.
db_insert_id includes/
db_result includes/ Returns back the first result from a resource_handler.
fp_get_permissions_for_role includes/
fp_get_student_name includes/
fp_get_student_majors includes/ Return back the codes or records for a student's degrees, based on what is in the student_degrees table (thanks to system.module), as well as what we get from hooks.
db_get_user_id_from_cwid includes/
db_get_user_id includes/ Look up the user_id based on the the user_name. Returns FALSE if it cannot find it.
fp_get_max_catalog_repeats_for_course includes/ Figure out the maximum number of times this course can be repeated for credit, based on what is stored in the course catalog.
fp_get_degree_advising_weight includes/
fp_get_degree_title includes/ Quick method to look up title for a degree.
fp_get_faculty_name includes/ Returns the faculty member's name based on the ID provided.
fp_load_user includes/ Returns back a user object for this user_id. If the user is not found in the users table, it will return NULL. If the user_id requested is 0, the anonymous user object is returned.
watchdog includes/ Add a log entry to the watchdog (log) table.
hook_alter_term_id_prior_to_description includes/hook.api.php This hook is called right before retrieving the plain English description for a term_id. It allows modules to change the term_id.
hook_theme_advise_group_select_row includes/hook.api.php Similar to hook_theme_advise_course_row. This lets the user theme the "select X hours..." row for a group.
hook_theme_advise_course_row includes/hook.api.php This hook allows another module to alter the way a course row is drawn onto the advising screen.
hook_theme_advise_degree_header_row includes/hook.api.php This hook allows another module to alter the way a "degree header" row is drawn onto the advising screen.
hook_advise_build_screen_elements includes/hook.api.php This hook allows other modules to interact with the AdvisingScreen object adter the build_screen_elements method is called.
hook_flightpath_can_assign_course_to_group includes/hook.api.php Is the course allowed to be assigned to the specified group? Returns TRUE or FALSE. $group should be a fully formed Group object.
hook_flightpath_can_assign_course_to_degree_id includes/hook.api.php Is the course allowed to be assigned to the specified degree? Returns TRUE or FALSE
hook_validate includes/hook.api.php Validates form submissions from the Form API
hook_courselist_find_match_allow_course includes/hook.api.php This hook his called just before returning a Course object from CourseList::find_best_grade_match or find_most_recent_match.
hook_content_alter includes/hook.api.php Similar to hook_form_alter, this function lets other modules alter content which is being rendered through the "render" system.
hook_alter_currently_advising_box includes/hook.api.php This will let us re-arrange or add new elements to the Currently Advising box, which appears at the top of the screen once a student has been selected (or for a student when they log in).
hook_save_advising_session_from_post includes/hook.api.php This hook allows modules to perform extra functions just after an advising session is saved by the system.
hook_theme_pie_charts includes/hook.api.php Similar to other theme functions, this function will take an array which describes *all* the pie charts, and allow another module to act on them.
hook_status includes/hook.api.php Reports status information which each module is aware of, visible on admin/config/status.
hook_fp_get_student_majors includes/hook.api.php Returns a full listing of the student's majors.
hook_disable includes/hook.api.php This hook will be executed when a module is disabled in the system.
hook_enable includes/hook.api.php This hook will be executed when a module is enabled in the system. It will be executed AFTER hook_install.
hook_install includes/hook.api.php This hook will be executed the first time a module is enabled in the system.
hook_submit includes/hook.api.php Handle submissions from the Form API