5.x db.inc db_insert_id()
4.x db.inc db_insert_id()
5 calls to db_insert_id()
admin_edit_degree_form_submit in modules/admin/admin.degrees.inc
batch_set in modules/batch/batch.module
Create a new batch process.
content_edit_content_form_submit in modules/content/content.module
Submit handler for the edit content form.
_DatabaseHandler::duplicate_advising_session in classes/_DatabaseHandler.php
Given an advising_session_id, create a duplicate of it as a new session_id (and return the new session_id).
_FlightPath::save_advising_session_from_post in classes/_FlightPath.php


includes/db.inc, line 447
This file contains mostly db shortcuts.


function db_insert_id() {
  $db = get_global_database_handler();
  return $db->db_insert_id();