Setting Up FlightPath for Your School

Getting FP up and running at your school (pulling from your students' data and users) does take a little effort, but hopefully isn't too painful.

You can always contact FlightPath Academics for professional support, hosting, and custom development and training.

Keep in mind as you read the links below that there are several methods for getting your school's data in to FP.  The most straight-forward would probably be to set up nightly data transfer jobs.  This may be easier to set up, but it means there would be a 24-hour delay before data updated at your source (like Banner, PeopleSoft, mainframe, etc) would propagate to FP's database.

The next technique would be to override the core functions of FP, and explicitly query your original sources.

Many schools use the first option-- nightly transfers-- for example, through the Banner Integration module.  See the link below for setting up your FlightPath to use Banner.