Installing FlightPath is easy, and similar to the installation of other web application.

  1. Download the ZIP file (linked in the corner of the page).
  2. Extract the contents of the ZIP file and copy to your webserver, so that the files are in a subdirectory like so:
    1. /flightpath/index.php
  3. Visit that location in a web browser.  Ex:
    1. If you have an error (ie, 500 Internal Server Error), this may be because you are not allowing overrides for your FlightPath directory.  This is an apache setting, and is required for FlightPath's "clean URLs".  To fix (in Apache) add this to your httpd.conf file:
      1. <Directory "/path-to-flightpath/flightpath">   AllowOverride All  </Directory>
      2. Remember to restart apache after making this change.
    2. You also might need to enable the "headers" module for Apache.
      1. Ex:   sudo a2enmod headers
      2. Remember to restart apache when finished.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to install FlightPath.  You should have created a new, empty database for FlightPath, and created a user for that database.

Once installation is complete, it would be a good idea to rename or delete the install.php file.  If you ever need to re-install FlightPath, delete the custom/settings.php file, and drop all of your database tables, then repeat steps #3 and #4.

Note: If you are using MySQL 5.7+, you may need to add special settings.  Please see this page: