MySQL Settings

MySQL 5.7+ 

If your database version is MySQL 5.7 or above, you may need to set your sql_mode setting in your my.cnf file (this is called my.ini in Windows).

This is because MySQL changed some of the default functionality of their queries starting at this version.

If you see error messages relating to sql_mode in FlightPath, please undertake the following steps on your server:


Edit Configuration File

If you are on a Linux/Unix machine, your my.cnf file is probably located at:


Edit this file, and under the [mysqld] section (notice the 'd' at the end), add the following line (or edit the existing one, if already there):


(This should all be on one line, no line breaks or word wrap)

MySQL 8+

Please note that in MySQL 8, the "NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER" has been removed and is no longer recognized.  So, if you are using 8+, simply enter:



Restarting MySQL

After this, you will need to restart your MySQL server, or the entire machine if that is easier.  For Ubuntu 16.x, the restart command is:

sudo service mysql restart