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Greetings Richard,

When I search for students through the main page (http://localhost/flightpath/index.php?q=main) as an admin either using their CWID or name, they do not show up. Theses students exist in the following tables - students, student_courses, users, advisor_student, etc.

On a related note, I am not able to see a connection between degrees and students. I am not sure how to assign a degree to a student. I have a degree setup in the 'degrees' table, 8 group requirements for this degree in 'degree_requirements' table, and a row in 'degree_college' table.

I have run 'Apply draft changes', cleared all cache & even run cron job (even though I was not sure if I needed to run the cron job).

I figured out how I can display students in the search result - by adding an asteric (*) at the end of the ID while searching. I also figured out that major code connects student degrees with degree setup. I am still having an issue displaying displaying data in Currently Advising section (Name, Major, Catalog Year, CWID, Rank, & Cumulative) when I am logged in as an advisor. Any suggestions?

Hmm, that data should automatically get read from the students / users table. If it isn't working, I'm not sure what it would be. I'm afraid I'd need to check out your installation to get a better picture.


I am looking into it to see if I can figure something out. I will update you if I come across something.

This is about the 6 attributes of an advisee not showing up on the advising screen.

Student class has load_student_data which in turns loads the student information (6 attributes - cumulative_hours, gpa, rank, major_code, name, catalog_year). This function seems to be called by $new_student->load_student() in the AdvisingScreen class. The $flightpath->student from the same class does not seem to come into play here.

These further do not seem to be used to display the first / last name - and the other 5 of 6 attributes mentioned in the first line, whereby this data does not seem to be displayed on the Advising screen for an advisee.

Is this the right trail to analyse the issue?

Hmm. You definitely shouldn't need to dig into any of the core code to make the student's information appear!

It is almost certainly something going on in your database tables.

Please see this guide:

Or, you can install and activate this module:

It will erase your data, and pre-populate with some sample data is that guaranteed to work. From there you might see whatever the issue is in your tables.

We figured out why the 6 attributes were not displaying. It was due to the line
//if ($student->student_id > 1 || $bool_blank == true) --- around line 653 in the file.
We replaced it with
if (isset($student->student_id) || $bool_blank == true)

This issue is probably due to the fact that we have student id's that has "U" as the first character.

Ahh, I'm sorry about that. Yes. FlightPath 4.x assumes CWIDs are all numeric. In the 5.x version (nearing alpha release), that is not the case.

No issue at all. I got to learn a bit more about FP through this endeavor. Thanks for your help so far and for updating/upgrading FP with new features.

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