Advanced Topics - Prereqs

Note:  This page assumes you have installed the Prereqs module!

Topic 1: Course Prerequisites

Once you have installed the prereqs module, the course edit form will now contain an extra field for entering course prereques.  

In other words, if a student needs to have completed COURSE A before they can be advised to take COURSE B, then on Course B's edit form, you should list COURSE A as it's prereq.

This becomes more complicated, however, if you have multiple courses, or alternate "branches" of prereqs which might be followed.  These so-called complex prereqs use the following structure:

Observe the following image:

For this course, this box is stating the following:

"The student must take BIOL 116 and either BIOL 106 or BIOL 110.".

Each line represents a new "and" condition.  In other words, each line must be fulfilled in order for this prereq requirement to be satisfied.