Adding students' data in the system

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Adding students' data in the system

I want to add some new students in the system. These data are something like name, surname, major, but i haven't find any clear way to do it.

The general question for me is that, how can we register our students to the system?

Is there any independent system to do this purpose?
If not, please provide me more detail, about how to do it.


Sure thing,

In the newest version of FlightPath, you can go to the Admin Console, then Users. From there you can select Students, then add student users.

If you want to add then en masse, you'd need to write a routine which adds them to the "students" database table, as well as the "users" table, which is where they passwords and such are kept up with.

You may want to follow along in the Getting Started Guide, here:

That hopefully can guide you, start to finish.

Hope that helps!


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