Access Denied when trying to Load Student Degree Plan

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Access Denied when trying to Load Student Degree Plan

I am setting up an installation of FlightPath. I followed the instruction provided in the Getting Started link. The issue I have is on trying to load the degree plan for a specific student, I get access denied.

I am logged in as admin and this is for FlightPath version 5.0-dev1.

Any help is appreciated.
Thank you.


Sorry to hear you are having trouble. That does sound pretty weird, as admin should usually have access to everything. Just for the sake of experimentation, you might go to the Permissions page and grant all the searching/viewing/advising permissions to the basic "authenticated user". If that solves your problem, then at least you know it really is a permission issue, and not something else going on.

I can also put up a slightly newer version of FlightPath 5-dev, and you could try it and see if that helps.

To upgrade FlightPath's core code, simply copy out your /custom/ directory, then delete and add in the new code, then copy your /custom/ directory back in.

Actually, it looks like there have been various changes from the version you have (dev1). There has been a dev2, and I just uploaded beta1.

You should always download the most recent version.

Please try the "beta1" release, and see if that helps.


In fact-- one more suggestion-- since there might have been database changes as well to FlightPath core since the Dev1 release, you might just start beta1 with a new installation. At the "beta" level, the database schema is guaranteed not to change without upgrade instructions being included with the release.

Hi Richard,
Thanks for the suggestions. I enabled permissions for authenticated users and that didn't work. I also installed the new beta version and setup instructions but I still access denied.

I feel like the fault is on me but I can't seem to find it.


Hmmm. Okay. Tell me about your setup-- are you on a Windows server? Linux? Are you using Xampp, Ubuntu, Unix, or something else entirely?

I used MAMP on a windows machine

Well, I wouldn't think that would cause this kind of issue, but just in case, I recommend you follow this quick-start guide line for line:

It is using Xampp-- which I know is probably out of date by now. But, I would still use that exact version, just to establish if it is working at all for you, since that is the version the guide was tested on.

After that, I am afraid I am not sure what more I can do without examining it myself. If you are interested in hiring me on a freelance basis to take a look, I would be happy to see what I can do!

Thanks again Richard. I will try this out and see

I figured out the issue had to do with the cwid. The cwid has to be a number and I didn't know that

I see! That sounds like a bug to me; I'll track it down in the code and try to put out a new release soon.

Done! The "beta2" release has been added.

Thank you for your quick response and fix. Everything works fine with the new beta.

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