level_code in student_courses table

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level_code in student_courses table


I have been playing with Flightpath for past few days. I am trying to migrate course data from SHRTCKN/SHRTCKG tables (Banner 8.5) to the student_courses table. I am assuming that the level_code field in the the student_courses table is referring to a student's level in SGBSTDN table (sgbstdn_levl_code) at the time of course registration. In other words, shrtckn_term_code <= max (SGBSTDN_TERM_CODE_EFF). Is that correct?


Actually, I don't believe the level_code is populated from Banner automatically, though there's no reason you couldn't write a routine to add it in.

If you haven't found it already, please see the Banner Integration module:

It has functions and routines to bring in course data automatically. If you find it doesn't work in your situation, then some of the queries in there might be of use.

If you need detailed help, please let me know, I do offer paid support.

Have a great day!

To clarify-- the level_code in the student_courses table is meant to indicate whether or not the student took the course for undergraduate credit, or graduate credit. This is because a graduate student can still take an undergraduate course, but as such, it might not apply towards their graduate degree.


Hi Richard,

Thanks for the clarification related to level_code in the student_courses table.

Banner Integration module has already been added and data for following tables have been migrated using this module:
advisor_student, courses, faculty, students, student_transfer_courses, transfer_courses, transfer_eqv_per_student, transfer_institutions, etc.

I will gladly contact you if I need detailed help. Thanks for the offer.

Good day!

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