function update_status_perform_check

7.x update_status.module update_status_perform_check()
6.x update_status.module update_status_perform_check()
4.x update_status.module update_status_perform_check()
5.x update_status.module update_status_perform_check()

This function actually performs the update status check with

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update_status_check_now in modules/update_status/update_status.module
This will force a re-check of modules for this update_status module.
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modules/update_status/update_status.module, line 51
The update status module file.


function update_status_perform_check() {

  // Let's assemble our URL which should be fairly long.
  $url = update_status_get_install_status_url();
  $response = fp_url_get_contents($url);

  // Response must contain the text "FLIGHTPATH_SUCCESS" for us to believe it is successful.
  if (!strstr($response, "FLIGHTPATH_SUCCESS")) {
    watchdog("update_status", "Checking update status failed. URL: $url. Response: " . print_r($response, TRUE), array(), WATCHDOG_ERROR);
    fp_add_message(t("Checking update status failed.  Perhaps FlightPath cannot access external sites?"));

  // If we are here then we got back a valid response.

  // Parse result and set variables where needed.
  $res_array = array();
  parse_str($response, $res_array);

  // The modules which have different versions than what we have installed
  // are in $res_array["modules"] and ["release_types"]
  variable_set("update_status_need_updates_modules", $res_array ["modules"]);
  variable_set("update_status_need_updates_release_types", $res_array ["release_types"]);

  variable_set("update_status_last_run", time());
  fp_add_message(t("Check of update status successful."));