function prereqs_get_prereq_string_for_course

7.x prereqs.module prereqs_get_prereq_string_for_course($course_id)
6.x prereqs.module prereqs_get_prereq_string_for_course($course_id)

Just gets whatever is in the database for this course.

3 calls to prereqs_get_prereq_string_for_course()
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Implememnt hook_content_alter
prereqs_get_prereq_array_for_course in modules/prereqs/prereqs.module
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modules/prereqs/prereqs.module, line 350
This is the module file for the prereqs module.


function prereqs_get_prereq_string_for_course($course_id) {
  $prereq_data = db_result(db_query("SELECT prereq_data from prereqs_prereqs WHERE course_id = ?", $course_id));

  $prereq_data = @(String) trim($prereq_data);
  // Get rid of windows trouble characters.
  $prereq_data = str_replace("\r", "", $prereq_data);

  // Make sure "or's" are lowercase.
  $prereq_data = str_replace(" OR ", " or ", $prereq_data);
  $prereq_data = str_replace(" oR ", " or ", $prereq_data);
  $prereq_data = str_replace(" Or ", " or ", $prereq_data);

  $prereq_data = str_replace(" 0R ", " or ", $prereq_data); // zero-r  (to catch typos)
  $prereq_data = str_replace(" 0r ", " or ", $prereq_data); // zero-R

  return $prereq_data;