function fp_truncate_decimals

6.x fp_truncate_decimals($num, $places = 2)
7.x fp_truncate_decimals($num, $places = 2)
4.x fp_truncate_decimals($num, $places = 2)
5.x fp_truncate_decimals($num, $places = 2)

This simple function will take a number and truncate the number of decimals to the requested places. This can be used in place of number_format(), which *rounds* numbers.

For example, number_format(1.99999, 2) gives you 2.00. But THIS function gives: fp_truncate_decimals(1.999999, 2) = 1.99


unknown_type $places:

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includes/, line 2994
This file contains misc functions for FlightPath


function fp_truncate_decimals($num, $places = 2) {

  // does $num contain a .?  If not, add it on.
  if (!strstr("" . $num, ".")) {
    $num .= ".0";

  // Break it by .
  $temp = explode(".", "" . $num);

  // Get just the decimals and trim 'em
  $decimals = trim(substr($temp [1], 0, $places));
  if (strlen($decimals) < $places) {
    // Padd with zeros on the right!
    $decimals = str_pad($decimals, $places, "0", STR_PAD_RIGHT);

  $new_num = $temp [0] . "." . $decimals;

  return $new_num;