5.x misc.inc fp_get_module_path($module, $bool_include_file_system_path = FALSE, $bool_include_base_path = TRUE)
4.x misc.inc fp_get_module_path($module, $bool_include_file_system_path = FALSE, $bool_include_base_path = TRUE)

Return the filepath to the module


unknown_type $module:

unknown_type $bool_include_file_system_path:

unknown_type $bool_include_base_path:

Return value


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includes/misc.inc, line 759
This file contains misc functions for FlightPath


function fp_get_module_path($module, $bool_include_file_system_path = FALSE, $bool_include_base_path = TRUE) {

  $p = menu_get_module_path($module, $bool_include_file_system_path);

  if ($bool_include_base_path) {
    $p = $GLOBALS["fp_system_settings"]["base_path"] . "/" . $p;

  return $p;