43 calls to fp_add_message()

admin_add_degree_form_submit in modules/admin/admin.degrees.inc
Submit handler for the add_degree_form.
admin_apply_draft_changes_form_submit in modules/admin/admin.module
Handles the actual moving of draft courses into production.
admin_copy_degree_form_submit in modules/admin/admin.degrees.inc
admin_duplicate_year_form_submit in modules/admin/admin.module
This function should perform the actual copy of data!
admin_edit_course_form_submit in modules/admin/admin.courses.inc
admin_edit_group_form_submit in modules/admin/admin.groups.inc
admin_handle_edit_degree_submit in modules/admin/admin.degrees.inc
admin_process_all_definitions_form_submit in modules/admin/admin.groups.inc
Actually perform the refreshing of definitions.
advise_clear_cache in modules/advise/advise.module
Implementation of hook_clear_cache Called by other modules, this function will take care of clearing anything this module has cached.
advise_init in modules/advise/advise.module
Implementation of hook_init
advise_init_screen in modules/advise/advise.module
advise_toggle_draft_form_submit in modules/advise/advise.module
blocks_manage_blocks_form_submit in modules/blocks/blocks.module
Submit handler for the manage blocks form.
comments_comment_form_submit in modules/comments/comments.module
comments_perform_delete_comment in modules/comments/comments.module
"delete" a comment (actually, all we do is flag it as deleted)
content_edit_content_form in modules/content/content.module
This form lets the user edit some piece of content
content_edit_content_form_submit in modules/content/content.module
Submit handler for the edit content form.
content_handle_delete_content in modules/content/content.module
course_search_download_syllabus in modules/course_search/course_search.module
This function will actually deliver a syllabus to the user's browser for download.
course_search_edit_course_details_form_submit in modules/course_search/course_search.edit.inc
course_search_upload_attachment in modules/course_search/course_search.edit.inc
example_helper_init in custom/modules/example_helper/example_helper.module
Implementation of "hook_init".
form_error in includes/forms.inc
Register a form_error in the SESSION.
fpm in includes/misc.inc
Uses fp_add_message, but in this case, it also adds in the filename and line number which the message came from!
hook_disable in includes/hook.api.php
This hook will be executed when a module is disabled in the system.
hook_enable in includes/hook.api.php
This hook will be executed when a module is enabled in the system. It will be executed AFTER hook_install.
menu_rebuild_cache in includes/menu.inc
Go through all installed modules and rebuild the menu_router table, based on each module's hook_menu function.
system_confirm_db_updates_form_submit in modules/system/system.module
Perform the actual hook_update calls here, send the user to a completed page.
system_disable_module in modules/system/system.module
Handles the disabling of the module in question.
system_enable_module in modules/system/system.module
Handles the enabling (and possible installation) of module.
system_handle_form_submit in modules/system/system.module
Intercepts form submissions from System Settings Forms.
system_handle_logout in modules/system/system.module
system_handle_uninstall_module in modules/system/system.module
Called from the menu (ie, a URL) this function will uninstall a module.
system_init in modules/system/system.module
Called on every page load.
system_login_form_submit in modules/system/system.module
Submit handler for login form. If we are here, it probably means we have indeed authenticated. Just in case, we will test the form_state["passed_authentication"] value, which we expect to have been set in our validate handler.
system_modules_form in modules/system/system.module
This is the form which an admin may use to manage the modules in the system.
system_perform_run_cron in modules/system/system.module
Called from menu, will run hook_cron() for all modules.
system_update in modules/system/system.install
update_status_perform_check in modules/update_status/update_status.module
This function actually performs the update status check with getflightpath.com
user_edit_student_user_form_submit in modules/user/user.module
Submit handler for editing student users.
user_edit_user_form_submit in modules/user/user.module
Submit handler for our edit faculty form
user_permissions_form_submit in modules/user/user.module
Submit handler for the permissions form.
user_user_roles_form_submit in modules/user/user.module