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Expanded class hierarchy of Student



Functions & methods

_Student::calculate_cumulative_hours_and_gpaThis function will look at the courses which the student has taken, to calculate the cumulative hours and gpa, rather than just load them from the db table.
_Student::determine_terms_to_hide_gradesThis is a stub function. If you are planning on hiding course grades for a term at a time, you should override this method in /custom/classes and place that logic here.
_Student::get_best_grade_for_courseThis function will find the best grade the student made on a particular course, and return it.
_Student::get_degree_planReturns a student's degree plan object.
_Student::get_major_and_track_codeEnter description here... Returns the major code and trackCode, if it exists in this form: MAJOR|CONC_TRACK Though usually it will be: MAJR|_TRCK Asumes you have already called "load_settings()";
_Student::get_rank_descriptionGiven a rank_code like FR, SO, etc., get the english description. For example: Freshman, Sophomore, etc.
_Student::get_transfer_course_eqvFind a transfer eqv for this student, for this course in question.
_Student::load_student_dataThis loads a student's personal data, like name and so forth.


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class Student extends _Student {