5.x _DegreePlan.php _DegreePlan::add_semester_courses_added()
4.x _DegreePlan.php _DegreePlan::add_semester_courses_added()
1 call to _DegreePlan::add_semester_courses_added()


classes/_DegreePlan.php, line 1145




function add_semester_courses_added() {
  // The "Add a Course" box on screen is really just a
  // semester, with the number -88, with a single group,
  // also numbered -88.
  $semester_courses_added = new Semester(DegreePlan::SEMESTER_NUM_FOR_COURSES_ADDED);
  $semester_courses_added->title = t("Courses Added by Advisor");

  // Now, we want to add the Add a Course group...
  $g = new Group();
  $g->group_id = DegreePlan::GROUP_ID_FOR_COURSES_ADDED;
  // Since it would take a long time during page load, we will
  // leave this empty of courses for now.  It doesn't matter anyway,
  // as we will not be checking this group for course membership
  // anyway.  We only need to load it in the popup.
  $g->hours_required = 99999; // Nearly infinite selections may be made.
  $g->assigned_to_semester_num = DegreePlan::SEMESTER_NUM_FOR_COURSES_ADDED;



  // Also, add it to the list of groups OUTSIDE of semesters.