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Expanded class hierarchy of DegreePlan



Functions & methods

_DegreePlan::add_to_required_course_id_arrayAdd another degree's required_course_id_array onto this one's.
_DegreePlan::calculate_progress_hoursCalculate and store progress hour information. Stores in the $this->gpa_calculations array.
_DegreePlan::calculate_progress_quality_pointsCalculate the quality points of our completed courses, so we can use that to figure out GPA.
_DegreePlan::find_coursesIf degree_id != 0, then we will remove any course from the finished list that is NOT in the degree plan. 0 means "give me all of matches back"
_DegreePlan::get_available_tracksReturns a simple array with values seperated by " ~~ " in this order: track_code ~~ track_title ~~ trackDesc ~~ track's degree id
_DegreePlan::get_major_code_csvReturns back a CSV of all the major codes that this degree comprises
_DegreePlan::get_max_course_appears_in_degrees_countGiven a group_id, find out if this group contains a course which appears in other degrees. Return the max number.
_DegreePlan::get_progress_hoursReturns the number of hours required (or fulfilled) in a degree plan for courses & groups with the specified requirement_type. ex: "m", "s", etc. leave blank for ALL required hours. if boolRequiredHours is FALSE, then we will…
_DegreePlan::get_progress_quality_pointsSimilar to get_progress_hours, this will return back the quality points a student has earned towards this degree. It can then be used to calculate GPA.
_DegreePlan::get_semesterLook through our list of semesters for the one with this semester_num, and return it, or return FALSE
_DegreePlan::load_degree_planLoad our complete degree plan, including all courses and groups.
_DegreePlan::load_degree_plan_ancillaryLoads the "ancillary" information about our degree plan, including advising weight, track selection config, etc.
_DegreePlan::parse_track_selection_configThis function will parse through the db_track_selection_config string and populate the track_selection_config_array.




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class DegreePlan extends _DegreePlan {