Overview of FlightPath

FlightPath screen examplesFlightPath is a web-based advising system, aimed primarily at universities, community colleges, and other educational institutions. It allows advisors to see a student's course work in their degree, as well as which courses are left to take. They can easily advise students on which courses to take next, make substitutions, and leave comments.

Students and advisors can also try out other degrees in the "What If?" mode. FlightPath gracefully handles situations like equivalent transfer courses, splitting a course so only a certain number of hours are used in a substitution, and advising for several semesters in to the future. It can also greatly assist in degree audit procedures by providing relevant information instantly.

Degrees in FlightPath are entered in a simple and logical manner, making them easy to maintain, yet they can also take on more advanced functionality. For example, elective groups can have "branches", so that if a student takes the first course in a series, only the courses remaining in the series will be presented the next time they are advised.

FlightPath's core functionality can be extended through add-ons (called "modules"), or by overriding certain bits of core code. FlightPath is designed to allow programmers to easily override almost any part of its core logic, so no matter what policies may be in place at the university, FlightPath is able to be customized to meet them.