FlightPath Feature List

FlightPath is a full-featured academic advising system! Below are features which come with FlightPath "out of the box," though keep in mind you can extend FligthPath even more by installing modules.

Accessibility & Design

  • FlightPath works perfectly from all major browsers: IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari
  • Mobile-ready with an included specialized mobile template
  • Easy to add new templates for branding, or for the visually impaired


Student Features

  • View degree plan requirements, and see their progress through their degree
  • See final grades, as well as midterm grades
  • See GPA and hour requirements, broken up into categories
  • See complete history of advising sessions
  • View courses their advisor advised them to take
  • View comments left by their advisor
  • Try out other majors, should they decide to switch majors
  • View/Search through course descriptions
    • If configured, view course scheduled offerings and sample syllabi per course
  • Optimized for viewing on mobile phones, like Android and iPhones


Faculty / Advisor Features

  • Search for advisees, as well as see advisees already assigned to them
  • View a student's degree plan, showing their requirements for that degree and their progress through the degree
  • Advise a student which courses to take, even several semesters into the future
  • View the student in another major, if the student is thinking of switching majors
  • See transfer credit equivalencies for local courses automatically applied
  • Perform substitutions or exceptions for student courses
  • Leave comments for students or other faculty only
  • See complete history of advising sessions, and who advised what and when.
  • Assist in degree audit procedures


Administrator / Technical Features

  • Robust and secure permission system for a very fine level of control over who is allowed to do what in the system
  • Easy system for degree plan requirements input
  • (If using Banner), mostly-automated import of Banner data, via the Banner Integration module
  • Completely open source (GNU GPL v3), and designed for customization and easy updates
  • Basic system requirements