Time Zone and User Change their Password

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Time Zone and User Change their Password

Greetings Richard,

Is there a place to change the time zone in your FP? I noticed that the time stamps in our FP are 6 hours ahead of our local time(ET, East Standard Time)

Also, when we created new users and credentials, is there a place for them to change their passwords after they log in? I could't find where they can do that.

Many thanks!


FlightPath will just echo the system's timezone (or at least, it should).

Here's a page on setting the timezone for Xampp: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/26269364/how-to-setup-timezone-xampp...

As for changing passwords, no, at the moment there's no direct way for users to change their passwords in FlightPath. The system was designed assuming that password data was coming in from another system (like a SIS, LDAP, etc).

But, I do see the usefulness. I can imagine a new module that lets users directly change their own passwords. For the moment though, that isn't a built-in feature.

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