updateing the database in phpmyadmin

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updateing the database in phpmyadmin

i'm using this software and i wanted to use the sample data module that is provided. as mentioned in the document all i have to do is to place the module folder in the flightpath custom modules folder and i did so.
the path to the sample data is: C:\xampp\htdocs\flightpath\custom\modules\sample_data
however, the database is not updated and i'm still can not see the sample data to manipulate it. what did i do wrong?
is there any extra steps needed?
thank you


You have to tell the module you want it to insert all of it's data. As it says in the README.txt file:

Once you have enabled this module, visit the page:
to install the sample data.

I will update the project page to make this more aparrant in the future.

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