Emailing Advising Session Comments

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Emailing Advising Session Comments

Greetings RIchard,

After an academic advising session is over between a faculty/advisor and a student, that faculty/advisor would like to send out an email to the student, department chair, and others. Currently, comments are saved and/or printed. Is there a module that will allow us to email comments to appropriate stake holders?

At the moment, no, but it sounds like that would be relatively straight-forward to create, as long as the data for who to send it to is available in a machine-readable format (ex: mysql table, flat file, etc).

In case you were interested, I do offer paid support & custom programming for FlightPath at Just send me a message there if that's something in your budget, and I'd be happy to take a closer look!


Thank you for answering my question and sharing info about paid support. Currently there is no budger for it. I will let you know if anything changes.

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