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Browser Compatibility

Dear Richard,

I was informed by one of the users that he is not able to open Flightpath in Safari. I have witnessed him opening it in Chrome/Inetnet Explorer on PC. Is there an issue with Safari?

No, Safari should be just fine. I have lots of users who use Mac, with no issues there. Plus, FlightPath doesn't know which browser is accessing it; it just displays its content in HTML/CSS, like any other web page.

I'd have the user try it in Chrome or Firefox (on the same computer). Maybe it is related to the computer itself.

If they can't load FlightPath *at all*, then they have some other issue, unrelated to FlightPath.

Thank you Richard for responding promptly. I was able to resolve the issue. The user was trying to access FP through Safari on Mac. I had given server name as a link to the user. When I switched the server name to IP address, it worked.

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