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Course Titles

Hi Richard,

Is there an easy way for me to display course title right on the academic advising page rather than clicking on individual links to see the course title?

Hmm. Built into FlightPath as-is, no. That said, every part of FlightPath can be overridden on a per-school basis. If you are OK with diving in a little bit, go to your /custom/classes folder, and edit the AdvisingScreen.php class file.

You will need to copy in the draw_course_row() function from the /classes/_AdvisingScreen.php file. After that, make whatever changes you like, and FlightPath will use your new function to override the core function.

The goal in FlightPath is to NEVER edit core logic-- to instead always use the /custom/ location to do all custom work. That way you can upgrade FlightPath core without losing your edits.

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