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Academic Advising Catalog Year

Hi Richard,

Based on my testing so far, it seems like Program-Group-Courses needs to be set up for every catalog year even though there is no change in the program from year to year. For example, I have set up and Electrical Engineering major for catalog year 2011. There has been no change to this major until 2016. My assumption is that the degree requirements of 2011 will apply to all students whose catalog year is 2011 and greater but less than 2016. I am able to run academic advising for students whose catalog year is 2011 but I am not able to run academic advising for students whose catalog year is greater than 2011 but less than 2016. When I copied the degree requirements data from 2011 to academic year to 2012, I was able to run academic advising for students whose catalog year is 2012.

The conclusion I made from this testing is that I have to set up degree requirements for each catalog year even if there is no change in degree requirements. Is that correct?

PS: I did notice that when I copy a degree requirement, a new row is created in the courses table for the courses that are part of the degree requiremnents. The only difference between the existing row and the new row in the courses table is the catalog year.

Yes, that is correct.

However, FlightPath makes this easy, as you can copy an entire year forward to the next year with just a few clicks. It's on the admin console, towards the bottom of the page.


Hi Richard,

Will you please consider adding major as a search criteria (along with Source year & Destination year) on the "Duplicate entire catalog year" page in your next version so that a degree within a major could be copied to another year? The current option will delete all data (for all majors) of the Destination year when I copy degree data from a Source year to a Destination year.

I am setting up one major at a time. I finished setting up BSC-Electrical Engineering & BSC-Physics for 2011-2015. I just set up BSC-Chemistry for 2011. I want to copy this degree to 2012-2015 without affecting any other degree from these years. I remember the work around I had to perform to copy BSC-Physics from 2011 to 2012. if there was an option to select which major to be copied and only degree(s) associated with this major would be affected in the Destination year, then I would not have to do any work around.

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