Degree Requirement Changes at the Term Level

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Degree Requirement Changes at the Term Level


At our institution, degree requirement changes take place during any semester of an academic year. In FP, degree requirement changes are displayed at catalog year level by selecting a catalog year from 'Data Entry' section of 'FlightPath Admin Console - Main Menu'. Based on our research so far, catalog_year column in degrees table enforces setting up degrees at the year level. From this, we are concluding that we cannot setup degree changes in a particular semester / term of an academic year. Kindly confirm our understanding.


Yes, that's correct. FlightPath assumes that, like most universities, a catalog year is tied to a student, and represents a "contract" for what is required to graduate. FlightPath looks at the student's catalog year, and their major code, and then pulls up the corresponding degree from that catalog year.

You can probably hack this idea, though, to fit your situation.

For example, if your catalog is instead based on a term id, then your catalog "years" would look like this:
etc. That would represent 3 terms in the same year.

When populating your students, you'd want to store the corresponding catalog *term* instead of catalog year.

Some minor extra programming would be required to get FlightPath to display the catalog term correctly on screen.

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