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Waived courses

Our institution has a provision where some courses are waived due to exemption. I am not so sure how flightpath implements this, if at all it does. Ideally, the waived courses are supposed to count towards the student's total hours yet must have no effect on GPA. Is this something flightpath is able to handle?

Hmm. FlightPath does let you set courses to "ignore" in all GPA calculations. That might be all you need. But, it also prevents the course from being totalled in hour counts for the degree itself. Now, it still shows as a *requirement* for the degree, and it still shows how many hours it is worth. It just won't show up in the pie charts.

This might work for you. If not, its very simple to create a custom module to handle this specific situation. If you need professional support, I do offer it at peacocksoftware.com.

Please let me know if you have any more questions!


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