Banner Integration 4.x-1.0-beta1

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New features
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Fixed a bug in the import_students routine, where students were not being updated if they already
existed in the users table.

Added an import_faculty_staff routine.

Added a simple change to the routines functions for import_students and import_faculty_staff
where you can say if you want to populate/truncate the goremal scratch able. That's because
they both use that scratch table, so if you are running both routines, you don't want to
needlessly re-populate the table.

Updated ...import_students routine again, as well as the scratch table, to look at the
stst_code (should be AS) to determine if a student is 'active' or not.

Modified the ...import_students routine to look at term_code_admit, as well as registered_ind
and enrolled_ind, in determining if a student was "active" or not. Modified the scratch table
to include that field as well.

Modified hook_update to just always recreate scratch tables every time we update.

In the interest of speeding up the import_students routine, I am creating a new scratch table,
goremal, for keeping up with email addresses.

Added lots of watchdog logging entries to the routines.

Modified the transfer courses routine, to write to temp tables first, then copy to real tables
at the end, as its safer to do that, should Banner die in the middle of that long function.