Banner Program-Area-Group-Course hierarchy mapping to FlightPath

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Banner Program-Area-Group-Course hierarchy mapping to FlightPath


While mapping the hierarchy of Banner to FlightPath for the purpose of copying student course data, I was unable to figure out the tables in Banner. We do have a few candidates like SMBPOGN, SMBGOGN SMBGOAT etc., the data (or rather the hierarchy of CAPP) does not seem to map directly to FlightPath.

Is the Area, Program information to be excluded, and only the Group / Course information to be uploaded to the FlightPath for the advise module?

Hi, that's true, they won't map directly to FlightPath.

Remember, FlightPath is meant to be agnostic towards its data source. It isn't meant to just be an extension of Banner. So, you'd likely need routines written to bring in the data and massage it into a format that will fit nicely into FlightPath's mysql database.

I'm no Banner expert, I will have to admit, and have never used CAPP. My school considered CAPP, but rejected it in favor of just sticking with FlightPath for advising & degree audit. I would need to dig into your installation of banner, experiment, etc., to be able to provide any kind of solution for you.

Thank you for your reply!

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