function engagements_get_users_to_be_notified_for_sms_on_number

7.x engagements.module engagements_get_users_to_be_notified_for_sms_on_number($num)
6.x engagements.module engagements_get_users_to_be_notified_for_sms_on_number($num)

Returns an array of all the user who should receive notifications when we receive an SMS at a particular number.

1 call to engagements_get_users_to_be_notified_for_sms_on_number()
engagements_handle_incoming_sms in modules/engagements/engagements.module
This catches incoming sms messages from POST, but can also be used by our "sms_get_all_messages" function, but it is also used by the sms_get_all_messages to save/update information.


modules/engagements/engagements.module, line 2994
This is the primary module file for the engagements module.


function engagements_get_users_to_be_notified_for_sms_on_number($num) {
  $rtn = array();

  $res = db_query("SELECT user_id FROM user_settings 
                    WHERE name = ?", array('notify_sms_receipt__' . $num));
  while ($cur = db_fetch_array($res)) {
    $rtn [$cur ['user_id']] = intval($cur ['user_id']);

  return $rtn;