function admin_process_all_definitions_form

7.x admin_process_all_definitions_form()
6.x admin_process_all_definitions_form()
4.x admin_process_all_definitions_form()
5.x admin_process_all_definitions_form()


modules/admin/, line 982


function admin_process_all_definitions_form() {
  $form = array();
  $de_catalog_year = admin_get_de_catalog_year();

  fp_set_title(t("Process all definitions for @year", array("@year" => $de_catalog_year)));

  $form ["mark" . $m++] = array(
    "type" => "markup",
    "value" => t("This will cause all of the groups with definitions to be cleared, and their
                  definitions re-run.  This process can take several minutes, depending
                  on how many groups with definitions you have."),

  $form ["de_catalog_year"] = array(
    "type" => "hidden",
    "value" => $de_catalog_year,

  $form ["submit"] = array(
    "type" => "submit",
    "value" => t("Process definitions"),
    "description" => t("Can take several minutes to run! Only click ONCE!"),

  return $form;