function fp_space_csv

6.x fp_space_csv($str)
7.x fp_space_csv($str)

Simple function that adds spaces after commas in CSV strings. Makes them easier to read.

2 calls to fp_space_csv()
admin_advising_settings_form in modules/admin/admin.module
This is a systems settings form, which lets the user edit advising variabled for FlightPath.
admin_display_main in modules/admin/admin.module
This is the "main" page for the admin module. It's what the user first sees when the click to go to the Admin page.


includes/, line 1705
This file contains misc functions for FlightPath


function fp_space_csv($str) {
  $str = str_replace(",", ", ", $str);
  // Get rid of double spaces we might have introduced.
  $str = str_replace(",  ", ", ", $str);
  $str = str_replace(",  ", ", ", $str);
  $str = str_replace(",  ", ", ", $str);

  $str = trim($str);
  return $str;