function fp_join_assoc

6.x fp_join_assoc($arr, $glue = ",", $assign_sep = "_S-")
7.x fp_join_assoc($arr, $glue = ",", $assign_sep = "_S-")
5.x fp_join_assoc($arr, $glue = ",", $assign_sep = "-")

This function will create a string from a 1 dimensional assoc array. Ex: arr = array("pet" => "dog", "name" => "Rex") will return: pet_S-dog,name_S-Rex under the default settings.

The separator is meant to be a string extremely unlikely to be used in the key or values.

Use the fp_explode_assoc function to piece it back together.

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includes/, line 1876
This file contains misc functions for FlightPath


function fp_join_assoc($arr, $glue = ",", $assign_sep = "_S-") {
  $rtn = "";

  foreach ($arr as $key => $val) {
    $rtn .= $key . $assign_sep . $val . $glue;

  // Should be an extra glue character at the end we need to trim off.
  $rtn = rtrim($rtn, $glue);

  return $rtn;