29 calls to db_get_school_id_for_student_id()

advise_display_history in modules/advise/advise.history.inc
Displays the history tab on screen.
advise_display_popup_change_term in modules/advise/advise.module
This popup allows the advisor to change the advising term.
advise_display_popup_group_select in modules/advise/advise.module
advise_display_popup_substitute_selected in modules/advise/advise.module
advise_display_view in modules/advise/advise.module
This is the page which actually displays the "view" for the user to see their advising session, or for an advisor to advise them.
advise_init_advising_variables in modules/advise/advise.module
Takes various variables from the REQUEST and stores them in our advising_session_variables table for more convenient use later on.
advise_popup_display_summary in modules/advise/advise.history.inc
Displays the printable advising summary.
advise_what_if_selection_form in modules/advise/advise.module
advise_what_if_selection_form_validate in modules/advise/advise.module
Validate handler for the what_if selection form. This is where we might, for example, make sure that if a non-dynamic degree was selected, that they can't proceed.
AdvisingScreen::build_footnotes in classes/AdvisingScreen.php
Constructs the HTML which will show footnotes for substitutions and transfer credits.
AdvisingScreen::build_transfer_credit in classes/AdvisingScreen.php
Constructs the HTML which will be used to display the student's transfer credits
AdvisingScreen::display_popup_substitute in classes/AdvisingScreen.php
This is used to display the substitution popup to a user, to let them actually make a substitution.
AdvisingScreen::display_screen in classes/AdvisingScreen.php
This function generates the HTML to display the screen. Should be used in conjunction with output_to_browser()
AdvisingScreen::display_toolbox_courses in classes/AdvisingScreen.php
Used in the Toolbox popup, this will display content of the tab which shows a student's courses which they have taken.
AdvisingScreen::display_toolbox_transfers in classes/AdvisingScreen.php
Used in the Toolbox popup, this will display content of the tab which shows a student's transfers
AdvisingScreen::draw_popup_group_subject_select in classes/AdvisingScreen.php
When the groupSelect has too many courses, they are broken down into subjects, and the user first selects a subject. This function will draw out that select list.
AdvisingScreen::fix_institution_name in classes/AdvisingScreen.php
Simple function to make an institution name look more pretty, because all institution names pass through ucwords(), sometimes the capitalization gets messed up. This function tries to correct it.
AdvisingScreen::get_hidden_advising_variables in classes/AdvisingScreen.php
Returns a list of "hidden" HTML input tags which are used to keep track of advising variables between page loads.
AdvisingScreen::output_to_browser in classes/AdvisingScreen.php
This method outputs the screen to the browser by performing an include(path-to-theme-file.php). All necessary information must be placed into certain variables before the include happens.
alerts_content_register_content_type in modules/alerts/alerts.module
For use with the content module. We will register our custom content type(s) for use with this module.
audit_hidden_approval_form_submit in modules/audit/audit.module
audit_popup_edit_approval_form in modules/audit/audit.module
This is the actual form that will be used to change an audit approval for a student.
comments_comment_form in modules/comments/comments.module
This is the form to enter a new comment.
engagements_form_alter in modules/engagements/engagements.module
Implements hook_form_alter
engagements_send_email_or_txt_form_submit in modules/engagements/engagements.module
FlightPath::load_advising_session_from_database in classes/FlightPath.php
FlightPath::save_advising_session_from_post in classes/FlightPath.php
fp_render_student_profile_header in includes/theme.inc
Returns the HTML for the "profile" header html for a student
stats_report_student_course_list in modules/stats/stats.module
This report shows a list of all of a student's courses which FlightPath is aware of.