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blank_degrees_perm modules/blank_degrees/blank_degrees.module
blank_degrees_prereqs_get_prereq_warnings_for_course modules/blank_degrees/blank_degrees.module Implements hook_prereqs_get_prereq_warnings_for_course
blank_degrees_select_degree_form modules/blank_degrees/blank_degrees.module This form lets the user select which degree they wish to view.
blank_degrees_select_degree_form_submit modules/blank_degrees/blank_degrees.module Submit handler for degree selection
blocks_blocks modules/blocks/blocks.module Implementation of hook_blocks
blocks_content_register_content_type modules/blocks/blocks.module Implementatin of content's hook_content_register_content_type
blocks_get_available_blocks modules/blocks/blocks.module Return an array of blocks which we can assign and display, as defined by other modules' hook_blocks function.
blocks_get_sections_and_regions modules/blocks/blocks.module Look through our modules for hook_block_region and assemble them in an array.
blocks_manage_blocks_form modules/blocks/blocks.module This form lets the user manage the various blocks in the system.
blocks_manage_blocks_form_submit modules/blocks/blocks.module Submit handler for the manage blocks form.
blocks_menu modules/blocks/blocks.module
blocks_perm modules/blocks/blocks.module
blocks_render_block modules/blocks/blocks.module Implementation of hook_render_block. We are going to render out our content_block content type.
blocks_render_blocks modules/blocks/blocks.module This function will actually render the HTML for the blocks requested for a particular section and region.
clear_session_form_values includes/ Clear the form submissions variable from the SESSION for this callback.
comments_can_access_comments modules/comments/comments.module Used by the menu to determine if the comments tab should appear.
comments_comment_form modules/comments/comments.module This is the form to enter a new comment.
comments_comment_form_submit modules/comments/comments.module
comments_display_main modules/comments/comments.module This displays the primary Comments tab, where we see past comments and can enter a new one (with the right permissions).
comments_get_comment modules/comments/comments.module
comments_get_comments modules/comments/comments.module Returns an array of comments for this student, sorted most recent first.
comments_menu modules/comments/comments.module
comments_perform_delete_comment modules/comments/comments.module "delete" a comment (actually, all we do is flag it as deleted)
comments_perm modules/comments/comments.module
comments_popup_display_all_comments modules/comments/comments.module Displays all comments for a student in a popup window, meant for printing.
comments_popup_display_comment modules/comments/comments.module
comments_render_comment modules/comments/comments.module Display the comment array in a pretty way.
content_blocks modules/content/content.module hook_blocks. Returns an array of available blocks offered by this module in this format: array( delta => "This is the title of the block.", ), );
content_content_load modules/content/content.module Implementation of content's hook_content_load
content_content_register_content_type modules/content/content.module Implementation of this module's hook_content_register_content_type.
content_display_content_admin_list modules/content/content.module Display a list of content for the administrator
content_edit_content_form modules/content/content.module This form lets the user edit some piece of content
content_edit_content_form_submit modules/content/content.module Submit handler for the edit content form.
content_get_types modules/content/content.module Return an array with all the possible content types known to FlightPath
content_handle_delete_content modules/content/content.module
content_install modules/content/content.install Hook install. Called when the module is installed on the admin modules page.
content_load modules/content/content.module Load the content from the database and return an array, by calling hook_content_load.
content_menu modules/content/content.module
content_menu_handle_replacement_pattern modules/content/content.module This is an implementation of hook_menu_handle_replacement_pattern. It will search for and replace replacement patterns which we are aware of it in $str.
content_perm modules/content/content.module Implementation of hook_perm
content_render_block modules/content/content.module Called when it is time to render the block in question. Expected to return an array which looks like this: array( "title" => "Some title goes here.", "body" => "this is the primary body of the block", );
content_render_content modules/content/content.module Return the HTML rendering the content we have in the database.
content_user_access modules/content/content.module Custom user access function to determine if the user can add, edit, etc, the content
content_view_content modules/content/content.module Display the content specified in the GET's cid.
convert_bbcode_to_html includes/
convert_html_to_bbcode includes/
course_search_display_courses modules/course_search/course_search.module Show the user their select of courses.
course_search_display_edit_courses modules/course_search/ Display a plain list of courses, making it easier for admins to edit schedules and details in one spot.
course_search_display_search modules/course_search/course_search.module Displays the search pulldown for the user to use to find courses.
course_search_display_view_reports modules/course_search/