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Expanded class hierarchy of CourseList



Functions & methods

_CourseList::add_listAdds the supplied CourseList to the bottom of $this's list.
_CourseList::assign_group_idAssign a groupID to every course in the list.
_CourseList::assign_min_gradeGive every course in the list a minimum grade.
_CourseList::assign_semester_numAssign a semesterNum to every course in the list.
_CourseList::assign_unselectable_courses_with_hours_greater_thanGo through the list and find any course whose hours are greater than $hours. Make that course "unselectable." Used in the groups.
_CourseList::castUsed to cast a regular ObjList object into a CourseList.
_CourseList::contains_group_requirement_idReturns TRUE if this list has a course which contains $id for it's db_group_requirement_id property.
_CourseList::count_credit_hoursSimilar to count_hours, but this will only count courses which have been taken and have a grade.
_CourseList::count_credit_quality_pointsSimilar to count_credit_hours, but this will only count courses which have been taken and have a grade. We will return back a sum of their quality points.
_CourseList::count_fulfilled_or_advisedReturns the number of courses in this list which have either been fulfilled or advised to take. It does not count hours, just the courses themselves.
_CourseList::count_hoursReturns hour many hours are in $this CourseList.
_CourseList::dec_specified_repeatsGo through the list and decrement the specified_repeats value for all instances of Course $course.
_CourseList::exclude_all_subjects_exceptGo through the courseList and take out any course which does not have the $subject as its subject_id.
_CourseList::find_all_matchesUsing the parent's function of find_all_matches, this will return a CourseList of all courses which match the Course object. Overrides ObjList::find_all_matches
_CourseList::find_best_matchFind the "best" match for this course, based on what the university considers a best match. This largely has to do with repeats. If the student has more than one credit, what is the "best" match?
_CourseList::find_first_selectableReturns the first course in the list which the user may select for advising. This method is used by the popup window to determine what exactly is the first element of the course list. (so it can make that radio button checked).
_CourseList::find_first_unfulfilled_matchReturns a match to the Course courseC which does not have any courses fulfilling it. Usefull for finding course requirement matches in a list which have not yet been assigned.
_CourseList::find_most_recent_matchFind a list of matches to Course courseC, which fulfill the min_grade requirement, ordered by most recently taken.
_CourseList::find_specific_courseFind and return a specific course from the list.
_CourseList::get_advised_courses_listReturns a CourseList of courses which have bool_advised_to_take == true.
_CourseList::get_cloneReturns a clone CourseList of $this.
_CourseList::get_course_subjectsReturns an array containing the unique subject_id's of the courses in this list. Its assumed to be ordered already!
_CourseList::get_fulfilled_or_advisedReturns a CourseList of all the fulfilled or advised courses in $this's list.
_CourseList::get_group_requirement_id_arrayReturns an array of db_group_requirement_id's from the courses in this list.
_CourseList::get_previous_assignmentsReturns a CourseList of all the courses matching course_id that has bool_has_been_assigned == TRUE.
_CourseList::has_any_course_selectedReturns TRUE if there is at least one course in this list which is selected (for advising).
_CourseList::load_course_descriptive_dataCall the $course->load_course_descriptive_data() on every course in the list.
_CourseList::mark_as_displayedMark every course in this list as bool_has_been_displayed = true. Used for making sure we don't display the same course twice on screen.
_CourseList::mark_repeats_excludeGo through the list and set the $bool_exclude_repeat flag to TRUE for all matches of $course in this list.
_CourseList::remove_duplicatesRemoves null's and duplicate courses from the list.
_CourseList::remove_excludedRemoves excluded courses from the list (courses that have db_exclude == 1)
_CourseList::remove_previously_fulfilledRemove courses from THIS list which appear in listCourses under these conditions:
_CourseList::remove_unfulfilled_and_unadvised_coursesRemoves courses which have neither been fulfilled or advised.
_CourseList::remove_unfulfilled_coursesRemoves courses from this list which have not been fulfilled (ther course_list_fulfilled_by is empty).
_CourseList::set_bool_substitutionSet's each course's bool_substitution value.
_CourseList::set_course_substitutionSets each course's $course_substitution value to the supplied Course object.
_CourseList::set_has_been_assignedSets the bool_has_been_assigned property of every course in the list.
_CourseList::set_specified_repeatsGo through the list and set the specified_repeats value to $num for all instances of $course.
_CourseList::sort_advised_last_alphabeticalThis re-sorts the CourseList so that advised courses are last, in alphabetical order, preceeded by unfulfilled courses, in alphabetical order.
_CourseList::sort_alphabetical_orderSorts the course list into alphabetical order. If load_descriptive_data() has not already been called for each course, it will call it.
_CourseList::sort_best_grade_first@todo implement this function.
_CourseList::sort_fulfilled_first_alphabeticalThis re-sorts the CourseList so that fulfilled courses are first, in alphabetical order, followed by unfulfilled courses, in alphabetical order. This is most useful for making the groups show up correctly.
_CourseList::sort_most_recent_firstThis method will sort by the most recently taken courses (determined by the term_id). The easiest way I can think to do this is to temporarily put their term_id's and index#'s into an array, and then have PHP sort the array itself. …
_CourseList::sort_reverse_alphabetical_orderConvienence function. It simply calls sort_alphabetical_order(), but passes the boolean value to make it be reversed.
_CourseList::sort_smallest_hours_firstThis will sort so that courses with the smallest hours (first trying hours_awarded, then min_hours) are at the top of the list. If the list contains more than one course with a set of hours (like there are 30 courses all worth 3 hours) then it…
_CourseList::sort_substitutions_firstThis function will resort this courselist for which a substitution has been made in listSubstitutions.


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