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Expanded class hierarchy of AdvisingScreen



Functions & methods

_AdvisingScreen::add_cssThis function simply adds a reference for additional CSS to be link'd in to the theme. It is used by add-on modules.
_AdvisingScreen::add_to_screenThis function is used by the "build" functions most often. It very simply adds a block of HTML to an array called box_array.
_AdvisingScreen::build_added_coursesConstructs the HTML to show which courses have been added by an advisor.
_AdvisingScreen::build_excess_creditConstructs the HTML to show the Excess Credits list.
_AdvisingScreen::build_footnotesConstructs the HTML which will show footnotes for substitutions and transfer credits.
_AdvisingScreen::build_screen_elementsThis function calls the other "build" functions to assemble the View or What If tabs in FlightPath.
_AdvisingScreen::build_semester_listConstructs the HTML to display the list of semesters for the student.
_AdvisingScreen::build_test_scoresConstructs the HTML to show the student's test scores.
_AdvisingScreen::build_transfer_creditConstructs the HTML which will be used to display the student's transfer credits
_AdvisingScreen::clear_variablesClear the session varibles.
_AdvisingScreen::determine_mobile_deviceThis function will attempt to determine automatically if we are on a mobile device. If so, it will set $this->page_is_mobile = TRUE
_AdvisingScreen::display_groupThis function displays a Group object on the degree plan. This is not the selection popup display. It will either show the group as multi rows, filled in with courses, or as a "blank row" for the user to click on.
_AdvisingScreen::display_group_course_listDisplays all the courses in a CourseList object, using the draw_course_row function.
_AdvisingScreen::display_popup_course_descriptionDisplays the contents of the Descripton tab for the course popup.
_AdvisingScreen::display_popup_group_selectThis function displays the popup which lets a user select a course to be advised into a group.
_AdvisingScreen::display_popup_group_select_course_listAccepts a CourseList object and draws it out to the screen. Meant to be called by display_popup_group_select();
_AdvisingScreen::display_popup_substituteThis is used to display the substitution popup to a user, to let them actually make a substitution.
_AdvisingScreen::display_screenThis function generates the HTML to display the screen. Should be used in conjunction with output_to_browser()
_AdvisingScreen::display_semesterGiven a Semester object, this will generate the HTML to draw it out to the screen.
_AdvisingScreen::display_toolbox_coursesUsed in the Toolbox popup, this will display content of the tab which shows a student's courses which they have taken.
_AdvisingScreen::display_toolbox_movedUsed in the Toolbox popup, this will display content of the tab which shows a student's moved courses. That is, courses which have had their group memberships changed.
_AdvisingScreen::display_toolbox_substitutionsUsed in the Toolbox popup, this will display content of the tab which shows a student's substututions
_AdvisingScreen::display_toolbox_transfersUsed in the Toolbox popup, this will display content of the tab which shows a student's transfers
_AdvisingScreen::draw_box_bottomVery, very simple. Just returns "</table>";
_AdvisingScreen::draw_box_topUsed to draw the beginning of semester boxes and other boxes, for example the footnotes.
_AdvisingScreen::draw_buttonReturns the HTML to draw a pretty button.
_AdvisingScreen::draw_course_rowThis is used by lots of other functions to display a course on the screen. It will show the course, the hours, the grade, and quality points, as well as any necessary icons next to it.
_AdvisingScreen::draw_c_fieldsetThis function will return the HTML to contruct a collapsible fieldset, complete with javascript and style tags.
_AdvisingScreen::draw_group_select_rowThis draws the "blank row" for a group on the degree plan, which instructs the user to click on it to select a course from the popup.
_AdvisingScreen::draw_menu_itemSimply builds a single menu item.
_AdvisingScreen::draw_menu_itemsUses the draw_menu_item method to draw the HTML for all the supplied menu items, assuming the user has permission to view them.
_AdvisingScreen::draw_pie_chart_boxThis function is used to draw an individual pie chart box. It accepts values of top/bottom in order to come up with a percentage.
_AdvisingScreen::draw_popup_group_select_course_rowUsed in the group selection popup, this will display a course with a radio button next to it, so the user can select it.
_AdvisingScreen::draw_popup_group_subject_selectWhen the groupSelect has too many courses, they are broken down into subjects, and the user first selects a subject. This function will draw out that select list.
_AdvisingScreen::draw_progress_boxesThis function calls drawPieChart to construct the student's 3 progress pie charts.
_AdvisingScreen::draw_public_noteWill display the "public note" at the top of a degree. This was entred in Data Entry.
_AdvisingScreen::draw_semester_box_bottomUses the draw_box_bottom function, specifically for semesters. Actually, this function is a straight alias for $this->draw_box_bottom().
_AdvisingScreen::draw_semester_box_topUses the draw_box_top function, specifically for semesters.
_AdvisingScreen::fix_course_titleLeft in for legacy reasons, this function uses a new Course object's method of $course->fix_title to make a course's title more readable.
_AdvisingScreen::fix_institution_nameSimple function to make an institution name look more pretty, because all institution names pass through ucwords(), sometimes the capitalization gets messed up. This function tries to correct it.
_AdvisingScreen::get_hidden_advising_variablesReturns a list of "hidden" HTML input tags which are used to keep track of advising variables between page loads.
_AdvisingScreen::get_quality_pointsCalculate the quality points for a grade and hours.
_AdvisingScreen::mark_course_as_displayedFind all instaces of a Course in a Group and mark as displayed.
_AdvisingScreen::output_to_browserThis method outputs the screen to the browser by performing an include(path-to-theme-file.php). All necessary information must be placed into certain variables before the include happens.
_AdvisingScreen::z__convert_bbcode_to_htmlConverts a string containing BBCode to the equivalent HTML.
_AdvisingScreen::z__draw_mobile_tabsThis function is called when we know we are on a mobile browser. We have to handle tab rendering differently in order to make them all fit.
_AdvisingScreen::__constructThis is the constructor. Must be named this for inheritence to work correctly.


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class AdvisingScreen extends _AdvisingScreen {