function Course::set_hours_awarded

6.x Course.php Course::set_hours_awarded($degree_id = 0, $val)
7.x Course.php Course::set_hours_awarded($degree_id = 0, $val)
4 calls to Course::set_hours_awarded()
Course::load_course_from_data_string in classes/Course.php
This will take a data string, as created by the function to_data_string(), and make $this object match the original object. It is a poor man's unserialize. See to_data_string()'s description for a fuller picture of what is going on.
Course::load_course_from_data_string_for_requirement_clone in classes/Course.php
This function uses load_course_from_data_string, but it removes any elements which might interfere with the course object then being used as a requirement. This is used specifically by the FlightPath object, when creating a clone of a repeatable course.
Course::load_descriptive_data in classes/Course.php
This function will load $this will all sorts of descriptive data from the database. For example, hours, title, description, etc.
Course::load_descriptive_transfer_data in classes/Course.php
Similar to load_descriptive_data(), this will load whatever we have for $this transfer course.


classes/Course.php, line 287




function set_hours_awarded($degree_id = 0, $val) {
  // If degree_id is zero, then use the course's currently req_by_degree_id.    
  if ($degree_id == 0) {
    $degree_id = $this->req_by_degree_id;

  $this->set_details_by_degree($degree_id, "hours_awarded", $val * 1); // *1 to force integer and to trim extra zeroes.