function Course::load_course_from_data_string_for_requirement_clone

6.x Course.php Course::load_course_from_data_string_for_requirement_clone($str)
7.x Course.php Course::load_course_from_data_string_for_requirement_clone($str)

This function uses load_course_from_data_string, but it removes any elements which might interfere with the course object then being used as a requirement. This is used specifically by the FlightPath object, when creating a clone of a repeatable course.


classes/Course.php, line 680




function load_course_from_data_string_for_requirement_clone($str) {

  // Begin by loading THIS course from the supplied data string.  

  // Now, let's overwrite the values we don't need, since this is to be used as
  // a course requirement.

  $this->random_id = $GLOBALS ['fp_courses_random_ids'];

  ++$this->set_hours_awarded(0, 0);
  $this->grade = "";
  $this->advised_hours = 0;
  $this->bool_added_course = FALSE;
  $this->db_advised_courses_id = 0;
  $this->details_by_degree_array = array();
  $this->assigned_to_degree_ids_array = array();
  $this->db_substitution_id_array = array();
  $this->display_status = "eligible"; // match the default constructor so we don't cause issues.    
  $this->disp_for_group_id = "";