constant MENU_TYPE_TAB

  1. 7.x MENU_TYPE_TAB
  2. 6.x MENU_TYPE_TAB
  3. 4.x MENU_TYPE_TAB
  4. 5.x MENU_TYPE_TAB
9 uses of MENU_TYPE_TAB
admin_menu in modules/admin/admin.module
Implementation of hook_menu
advise_menu in modules/advise/advise.module
blocks_menu in modules/blocks/blocks.module
comments_menu in modules/comments/comments.module
content_menu in modules/content/content.module

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./, line 61
This file should be included by every public-facing page of FlightPath. It will include all the classes, as well as settings and function files, and modules.


define("MENU_TYPE_TAB", 3)