FlightPath 4.x-4.0-rc5

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Bug fixes and new features
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Made changes to system.module, to sort modules page correctly. Also, gave new
ability to execute arbitrary PHP code from the admin menu (for admins only, obviously).

Minor change to bootstrap.inc's comments.

Fixed bug in system module which was causing "system forms" to not accept
form values which had been modified by a form's hook_validate function.

Created new hook: hook_exit(). Called last as FlightPath is shutting down, at the end
of index.php

Added GLOBALS variable so we can tell that the bootstrap has indeed finished loaded.

Added new hook, hook_student_load(), which is called after a new student object is created.
This lets modules hook in and change the student object, w/o needing to override the class file.

Added programming to the example_helper module which ships with FlightPath,
to better demonstrate basic module development.

Fixed bug in format_date, where it was not handling non-integer values gracefully.

Tweaked update_status.module to state if Cron has never been run before.

Modified a query in student_search module, to not give warning when attempting
to search by major code (major=CODE hack).

Changed the form which sends an email when someone clicks the "Contact link" to not
specify the "From" address. This was causing some email clients to flag the email
as spam.