FlightPath 4.x-4.0-rc4

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Bug fixes and new features
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This is the 4th release candidate for FlightPath.

The update_status module has been updated to be able to keep track of when your modules need to be updated. Also, there is a new "status" page in the admin console, which shows you important messages from various modules in your installation of FlightPath.

Made minor changes so that FlightPath can run on PHP 5.4. PHP 5.3 is still the recommended version at the moment, due to the lack of testing with 5.4, though it should be possible.

Adding a hook_status hook, and page to view system status information.

Modified invoke_hook() function to return possible results of invoking the hook.

Finished update_status module, so that it effectively talks to getflightpath.com,
to discover which modules need updates.

Fixed unclosed [a] tag in install.php.

Modified the places where call_user_func was being called with a referenced variable;
changed it to a more PHP 5.4 friendly technique, so FP will be compatible with PHP 5.4.

Updated hooks.api.php file to contain all of the hooks in FP, with explanations.

Fixed bug in advising history, where the term_id displayed for a recent advising
popup might not have been correct.

Modified bootstrap.inc so that it can be easily manipulated by getflightpath.com's upload

Added an extra mysql_real_escape_string to _Databasehandler's db_query() command, to make
sure that slash's (\) get escaped properly.