Request Module Developer Access

If you would like to submit your custom module to this site (and have it set up with its own page and issue tracking system), please use the Contact form to request access. Be sure to specify your username.

Once you have been granted access, you will be able to create new "project" pages on this website, where you will have the ability to upload zip files containing your custom module.



Fine print:  Please be aware that we reserve the right to alter or remove any project for any reason, as well as revoke permissions of any user for any reason.  Of course, this isn't likely to happen unless there is a problem.

Also be aware that any files submitted to this website will be considered "Open Source", and protected under the GNU GPL version 3 license, or any later version.  By submitting your files to this site, you signify that you own the files, or that to the best of your knowledge, those files are protected under the GNU GPL version 3 or a compatible license.