FlightPath 6.x-6.0-beta3

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Bug fixes and new features
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Removed out-of-date setting for student_search, where we can only search for majors in the current catalog year.

Got rid of the course_search "report" where you can download offerings as CSV. Should be under stats anyway. For now,
simply removed.

Updated parts of course_search (dealing with getting syllabus) to only use course_id in queries.

Updated add new degree and copy degree to pay attention to school_id.

Added new icons to system, and made sure all core modules had an icon associated with them in the Admin Console.

Changed the way we denote that we are NOT overriding a core variable. Instead of deleting from table, we mark it as 'no'

Added multi-school functionality to audit settings.

Added multi-school functionality to course search settings.

Added new variable_delete() function to db.inc.

Added new variable_exists() function to db.inc. Returns TRUE or FALSE if the variable is even in the variables table.

Changed schools module to let us override default school settings on a *per field* level.

Modified how variable_get_for_school() checks to see if we are overriding the default school's val.

Modified admin's edit-advising-settings to handle multiple schools.

Fixed bug where db's update_course_requirement_by_name was trying to use school_id in tables which didn't have it.

Added new menu type: MENU_TYPE_DEFAULT_TAB. This is a tab which otherwise behaves like a MENU_TYPE_NORMAL_ITEM.

Added new page_setting to menu router api: $item['page_settings']['tab_title'] = "blah". This is an optional special string
used just for the tab of a page, separate from it's regular title.

Replaced calls to GLOBALS['fp_system_settings'] array with variable_get() where appropriate. Cleaned up unused functions.

Added school column to output for student search of advisees.

Added ability to specify optgroups for options in select lists in the Form API.

Added ability to search for majors within a school (if user is allowed) on the student search screen.

Modified course_search to let you search by school, if schools module is enabled.

Fixed bug in course_search where it was not uploading syllabi correctly. Also shortened filename of uploaded
syllabi to a more reasonable length.

Added "school" column to the list of courses you can edit from course_search module.

Deprecating fp_get_system_settings() function. It is now better served by simple use of variable_get().

Changed school setting "what_if_catalog_year" to "what_if_catalog_year_mode" to disambiguate from advising variables.

Removed extra files from modules that used to be contrib, but are now in core (ex: CHANGELOG files)

Added school_id to primary key for table degree_college

In AdvisingScreen's output_to_browser(), $page_title has tags stripped before being used as HTML tag

Tweaked tabs' css slightly to give a little more whitespace below tabs.

Fixed bug where unchecked checkbox was never being saved as boolean false, and was instead being saved as NULL. Also, wasn't working
if inside a fieldset.