FlightPath 6.x-6.0-beta2

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Bug fixes and new features
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Fixed deprecated notice.

Calendar bug left in from dev-- it was not preventing students from clicking "back" and saving a second time.

Added "spinner" attribute to button for confirm appointment and save.

Added ICS attachmen to notifications for student-initiated appointments.

Removed dev code for external calendars.

Added new code for caching external calendars for at least 5 minutes, to save frequent lookups.

Fixed bug in calendar's upcoming appointments tab, wasn't showing date ranges correctly for timezones.

Added ability to handle attachments to fp_mail(), as well as string attachments to smtp module.

Added ability to send attachments (string method) with notifications by email.

Added new property that can be added to form elements (like submit buttons), "spinner" => TRUE. This
will cause a spinning graphic to appear when the button is pressed, and the button to disable itself so it
cannot be pressed more than once.

Made it so all "content" forms use the spinner property for their submit buttons.