FlightPath 6.x-6.0-alpha1

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Bug fixes and new features
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This is the first official "alpha" release for FlightPath 6x. Use with the understanding that some elements of the API may change, though changes in the database schema are unlikely to change any further at this point. If they do, those changes will be managed via _update() hooks.

Changelog since last version:

Removed page titles from the Student search pages/forms.

Added new CSS for printing.

Added ability to add classes to collapsible fieldsets.

Implemented handling of numeric grades in FlightPath. Basically, they must be converted to letter grades at the time
they are assigned. There is also now a new field in Course: db_grade. This is the actual grade as it is stored in the
the database.

Cleaning up code, adding more content to render array system. Cleaning up malformed HTML.

Continuing work on themeing and rendering system.

Converted advise_display_view to use render array system.

Changed when drawing course rows, no longer hard-coding widths, styles, align, etc.
elements. Instead, we are relying entirely only CSS classes for styling.

Converted AdvisingScreen::displaySemester to using render array system.

For markup elements in the form_api, if type is not explicitly set to "markup", and is left blank,
then the default will be "markup_no_wrappers", which means no wrapping divs will be used.

Converted AdvisingScreen::draw_course_row to use render array system.

Fixed bug where remainder of course requirement (after partial sub) wasn't sorting correctly when using
the "sort by database id" setting.

Fixed bug in Substitution tab, where split sub "pieces" were not showing the correct number of hours.

Modified Calendar module so that event types can be sheduled for longer durations (up to 2 hrs), have longer buffers (up to 2hrs) and have longer "prevent within" times
(up to 24 hours).

Added more literal strings to t() so they can be translated.

Made change in content_content_load(), to make sure that when we load based on cid, we order by vid DESC, to make
sure we always get the most recent version.

Fixed code in student_search, where the "include inactive students" checkbox was being ignored. Also changed settings
for extra conditions to add to query.

Made changes to the way Student Profile hook works, so that other modules can more easily add to the list, and modify existing
entries if desired.

Fixed bug where recommended and hidden courses were not behaving correctly in groups. Worked in Blank Degrees but not in What If or
on the actual degree plan.

Added new field to calendar's appointment content type, to keep up with video meeting data.

Fixed typo in the content.module (misspelling of word).

Instead of passing the session_id during redirect, we now pass a "fp_session_str" which contains
a method of validating the session_id, to make sure it is not a hacker attempting to imitate a valid
session. This was accomplished by new functions in misc.inc and checking in index.php before we
trust the session_id in the URL.

Fixed bug in user module where adding a new faculty user caused mysql error.

Added a backtrace (like we do for MySQL errors) to the PHP error handler in misc.inc. Also adding to watchdog
when we get a warning or error from the handler.

Changed the way cookies are unset on logout, to fix an issue where they were not being unset correctly, but also
to handle possible array notation in the cookie names. See system.module

Made changes to watchdog severity level for certain types of data, in anticipation of a module which would delete, for example,
"WATCHDOG_DEBUG" entries after X amount of time, since they are the least important. Also made changes to the PHP error handler
so it correctly identifies in the watchdog whether it was a PHP error or warning, and adjusts the severity constant accordingly.

Fixed typo in user settings pulldown menu.

Made it so if you are not logged in, the left sidebar menu shows a link to the login page.

Fixed small typo in form_error() message when rejecting a saved degree.

In student_search module, got rid of the "majors"-related permissions. Also cleaned up code which had been commented out.