FlightPath 6.x-6.0-dev2

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Dev release - use with caution! Read the release notes.
Release notes: 

This is the second dev release of FP 6. The biggest change is now the ability to have "schools" associated with key pieces of data. The system.install script has been altered to add new school_id column to many new rows, and the "schools" module has been added to Core.

If updating from dev1, see the section on schools/school_id on this page: https://getflightpath.com/node/3114

Changelog since last release:

Adding in new setting to disable all student logins (unless whitelisted). It's in the System Settings form.

Added is_disabled and last_login to fields in the user object.

Added more literal strings to t() function so they can be translated.

Changed system.install so that institution_id is a 100 varchar in the database, instead of 10. Also made `name` an index for transfer_institutions table.

Removed some default character set and collation vals from .install scripts, as this can cause a problem in MySQL 8+.

Removed apply_draft_changes logic from schools module, since no longer needed and causing error. Cleaned up old code. Made sure
What If mode only showed correct degrees based on the students' school.

Added logic in schools and admin.degrees.inc when copying a degree, make sure to keep up with school id.

Fixed Duplicate entire catalog year function to also respect school_id.

Working on schools functionlity for groups & definitions.

Fixed a bug where icon filename field was no longer visible when editing degrees.

Tweaks to popup which displays the degrees using group.

Added a confirm dialog when changing schools, since it could cause all sorts of problems.

Watchdog insert was failing because anon user school_id was null; wasn't being intval'd.

Fixing PHP warning in system_init().

Added _validate function when editing a degree, so we can test for school mis-match. Also fixed a bug where if there was more than one
form_error() for the same element, it wouldn't display the red border around that element. Also made it so that markup fields
can also have form_error called on them.

Added ability to have group requirements (in degrees) with fractional hours. Ex: 0.5 hours or 1.2 hours, etc. Previously,
when a group was loaded, the hours_required field was being intval()'d. Changed to floatval().

Fixed bug where course descriptions were not being cached correctly due to a typo.

Wrapped "hours" and "hrs" with t() function so those words can be translated to "credits" if need be in a hook_translate function.

Fixed bug where group couldn't be deleted from degree plan due to school_id being set.

Worked on courses issues with schools.

Added schools select list option for user forms, made other cosmetic changes.

Changed users module so that you can enter DEPT_CODE along with department. Change table schema so that
college, dept_code, and deparment are varchar 255. Will use a machine name version of department if no DEPT_CODE
is entered.

Found a bug on the dashboard (system.module), where it states what day it is. I was using strtotime("today"), which apparently
was causing issues due to timezone conversions. Switched it to time() and that fixed the issue.

Finishing up users screen for school id, both faculty and students. Also added filter options to make it look
more consistent. Added pager to student users screen, since we might theoretically load the entire student
list, both past and present. It shows 30 at a time now.

Working on courses with new school_id. Changed appearance of courses screen to look more like the other degree
edit pages. Made better use of tables and highlighting when you mouse over a row. Added a filter form like others
as well.

Added new schools filter option to degrees, and working on groups. Filters on degrees list now actually
a form (and added new form to groups) so other modules can modify with hook_form_alter if desired. Right now,
it's only really for the schools module.

Fixed bug in pager_query which was sometimes throwing numbers off. Expanded functionality of the paget_query function.

More work on school_id system, amending the need in some tables. Decided to declare that CWIDs *must be unique* in FlightPath.
Therefore, the users table will be the only place that a user's school_id is stored.

Changed wording on user module, which stated CWID had to be numeric. It does not.

Adding school_id to api and queries throughout FlightPath.

Changing some style issues when listing multiple degrees for a student.

Change wording for select of tracks if you are required to select a certain number of tracks for a degree.

Fixed bug where you couldn't override a semester block title unless you also had a course.

Added schools module to core, and made changes to system.install as well as other .install files, so that tables
now have a school_id field and needed keys.

Added lots of changes to student search. We now can see Academic Priority. Uses pager query and table sort as well. No
more limit on 300 students, since we can do pager. Made table headers responsive, as well as priority vals.