FlightPath 5.x-5.2.2

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Bug fixes and new features
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Adding a "rank descriptions" setting in system module's Configure School Settings form.

When loading a student (see _Student.php), we now use this new setting to determine the rank description, rather than
it being hard-coded that FR = Freshman, for example. Also, if the rank isn't found, we just return the original code,
instead of a blank.

Found a strange bug in Open Sans font, where a ~ (tilda) looks like a dash (-) when font size is exactly 13px. Since many
of the settings require tildas as a separator, added a font-family for descriptions which explicitly set the font to Arial, Verdana,
or any other sans-serif font on the user's system. This makes the tildas look normal again.

If the theme template file cannot be found, an error is displayed (instead of the entire system crashing with a
white screen because the template.php file can't be included).

Added ability to init a specific session_id, based on $_GET['fp_session_id'].

Corrected a bug in theme.inc where time() wasn't being called correctly.